A weekend chasing the ladies, Under Performing but having FUN

So Easter in Mount Gambier at Mac Park the annual event and a track I love but struggle at.

Mac Park is midway through being widened and the new surface was NOT suitable for riding on but it played with my mind big time – think my eye line was down – weather all weekend was perfect unfortunately as I seem to do better there in the rain ๐Ÿ™ – lol

Friday practice was ok but I wasn’t on it so I’ll pretend it didn’t happen ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday woke up with a mild headache that I didn’t shake until late in the day (long drive Thursday, not enough H2O Friday and a bit of sun) so mucked up Q1 as I forgot to do up my leathers and went in for a sec to fix it, Q2 was better but still near the back of the grid and not where Frankie should have been … my fault

R1 was fun chasing Joey on the 696 and Kirsten on her 701 I could catch them on the straight but not quite pass them – Fun

R2 was on Sunday and felt much better and was having a great duel with Kirsten until a Red Flag in the 4th lap killed my “cunning plan” – Fun

R3 same but different this time it was Rosemary (with Motoracer Au) on a RC390 who I was duelling she had great corner speed and I was not able to pass until the 5 lap around the outside at the right kink after Pine Tree – Fun

R4 got completely brain fried in the warm up lap when I saw what I thought was a wheel nut (fuel cap thanks Phil) bouncing down the road “we going to die in turn 1” took until lap 3 before I put my head down and with clear track did my PB for the weekend 1:26:360 which unfortunately was slower than last yearsโ€™ time (by a couple of 10ths) when I was still sorting Frankie out – Ok ish

Frank n cati Bears racing
Frank n Cati