Racing old days

So you want to go racing?

Do it! It’s a buzz. But be warned, it’s addictive. Within a few years you’ll have sold your house, mortgaged your partner, bought a van, be living on the streets and hanging around bike shops even more than you do now!
Have you done some ride days or coaching days? If not do some. Coaching days are great and you’ll get an insight on getting around a track effectively, bike set up etc. Dirt bike riding is also a big help with any sort of road/race riding to hone your skills.
First of all you’ll need a bike…. Was that a bit obvious?
For a track/coaching day you just need
Motorcycle Leathers (1 or 2 piece that can and must be zipped together), motorcycle boots, motorcycle protective gloves, boots and an Australian Standard approved helmet (undamaged), (If your helmet has been in an accident get a qualified person, such as a coach or club expert, to look it over before you begin racing. You will not be allowed to compete if your helmet is not up to scratch). Some track days allow leather Jacket, denim or better pants.
The bike should have;
GOOD tyres, don’t skimp on the rubber. Get some good advice on the best tyres and appropriate pressures for your bike.
Good chain and sprockets.
Be at least roadworthy, nobody will be impressed if you start leaking oil all over the track or have bits falling off your bike, it can be real easy to become unpopular.
Some ride/coaching days may ask you to remove your mirrors and tape up any glass like headlights etc.
Once you done a couple of ride days and have decided you’re fast enough to take on MM (we are all quicker than the demi gods when sitting in our armchairs daydreaming about how fast we are), there are some more things to do (best get your wallet properly open at this stage).
Before you hit the racetrack to collect your first $20 prizemoney cheque (I’ve still got mine, sad hey!)
Join an MA affiliated club. Contact your State Controlling Body (SCB) for a list of clubs, their location, as well as the aims and goals of the clubs, the type of competition they promote and their social aspects. DOCNSW is fine.
Once you have joined an affiliated motorcycle club you will then need to obtain a Licence Application Form, which is available from your club or SCB.
You can race on a day licence at club meetings but if you plan on doing more than three meetings you may as well get a yearly licence.
One year senior national licence $320
Day licence $90
More information can be found in MA’s booklet, which provides a guide for obtaining your first senior competition licence.
Here’s a bit of advice from MA.
“It is a very good idea to check if your medical insurance covers you for the cost of ambulance transport. If not, join an ambulance scheme as the cost of ambulance transportation is very expensive. Remember motorcycle sport can be dangerous and although we stress safety you may one day need the services of an ambulance.
It also is recommended that you check all your insurance policies to ensure that you are covered for racing your motorcycle rather than just riding it in a paddock or on the road.
MA has a policy which covers licence holders for death and permanent disability. It does not cover weekly benefits for sickness or accidents. Juniors are eligible to have their student tutorial costs paid to a maximum of $250/week in the event they are injured and cannot attend school. Parents may also be eligible be for an inconvenience allowance of $15/day.
There are a number of accident policies available to cover racing situations. It is recommended that you investigate insurance cover which will protect you from the loss of your earnings if you are injured.”
Once you decide to race there are a few more mods that will need to be made to your bike, like lock wiring, catch pans etc. All the info is in the MA rule book that can be downloaded from their site.
Now comes the easy part, get on the start line, pass all the other bikes in the field, collect your rewards and bathe in the accolades…Couple of rules to live by..
Start slowly and work up to speed (inexperienced or experienced)
Don’t crash, it usually hurts and costs money!
Don’t take yourself too seriously, there will always be someone faster than you, it’s all about the fun! Don’t forget that’s why you’re here
Now rip into it.

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