Weekends Away Rides.

Our Ducati club has been organising rides away since day dot when a group of 12 originals thought it was a good idea to ride their Ducatis from Sydney to Perth.

Then they attended race meets in other States or went camping by lakes and over time rides developed into regular…weekend rides + extended weekend rides. 
Or annual rides and events.



Some club Favourite weekends or longer rides are:                          
The Tintaldra TT  – The NDR [National Ducati Rally]  Mt Panorama Bathurst  –  Dorrigo in winter –  The Nundle Recon run   –    Bevels n Bullshit    –  Pluckers +++


The Tintaldra TT has taken place for over 20 years. It retraces the old Norton run of days gone by.

In March each year our Ducatis revel in the run through The Snowy Mts.Riders come from Sydney, Canberra, Albury and other points in Victoria, undertaking all or some of the route at whatever level gives them value.                   Book your own accommodation and travel at your own pace.                                                 Ride together or solo. Re-group at days end.
Do as much or as little of this- flexible fun ride as you like.

Full details are posted early each year.


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