Ducati Super Sport “S

Ticket: 1004

Name: Brian Williams


Ducati riding apparel and accessories 

Ticket: 235

Name: Nicolas Souchau


One off custom Ducati “D” white & yellow gold necklace 

Ticket: 1514

Name: Mick Johnston


Limited Edition Tissot MotoGP EWatch. (2)

Ticket: 79

Name: Neil Lewis


Ticket: 711

Name: Mike Fuller


A limited edition “90 year Ducati History” book signed by Troy Bayliss, Mike Jones and Lee Munro. (3)

Ticket: 1888

Name: Alex Pepin


Ticket: 752

Name: Steve King


Ticket: 21

Name: Sue Spring


DOCNSW has received a formal legal opinion that the conduct of the draw of the 2017 Raffle was legitimate and legal. As such the award of prizes announced after the drawing of the Raffle on 26 November 2017 stands.